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Company Introduction

TrussInfo is an innovative organization that redefines the information and network security services industry. Empowering users; giving them the ability to connect to corporate resources from any device, from any location at any time. TrussInfo is also specialized in web, software, and business solutions development.

TrussInfo provides end to end security expertise that reduces the risks in operating and managing an organization’s IT infrastructure that includes network, data center, servers and other IT assets. Our expertise in professional and managed security services ranges from banking, financial services and insurance sector, to manufacturing, retail and other verticals.

TrussInfo offers a complete lifecycle security services portfolio and our approach is consultative and business-driven, where we first understand our customer’s need, based on which, we define success criteria. Our service offerings span the entire gamut starting with consulting services with a strong focus on business problem identification and resolution that are delivered as fixed time projects.

Educating and raising awareness to internal employees on social engineering are just some of the challenges security professionals face. Security needs to have vision with an added dimension to counteract and thwart diverse attack vectors. No longer is it sufficient to rely on traditional security defense mechanisms within your infrastructure; with TrussInfo you can count on our experience, expertise, diverse knowledge and innovative solution offering to meet your business objectives.

TrussInfo organization is based on a bottom-up approach that is primarily driven by technical experts. Working with a bottom-up approach we are able to execute and deliver services in a more efficient and agile manner; understanding key challenges that your service design, planning, creation and operations team face on a daily basis. By collaborating and working proactively on project engagements we strive to provide integrated and innovative end-to-end solutions empowering your business through mitigating risk and streamlining your operational effectiveness.

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